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      What kind of material?

      Date:2017-12-16 23:51

      GORE-TEX is everywhere, in the end GORE-TEX is good, has been through multiple arguments. No matter from which aspect, it is the leader in outdoor materials. However, some people in China have reached a superstition to GORE-TEX, in fact, a lot of other assault clothing materials, in performance comparable with GORE-TEX, the market can see the fabric, in addition to GORE-TEX, CONDUIT , OMNI TECH, Memo-Tex, POWER-TEX, HYDRO-DRY, WEATHERTITE, etc. These fabrics are characterized by waterproof breathable.
      There are a lot of people asking how to identify GORE-TEX, where I have my own little non-confidential technology, is a friend of mine told me. Really GORE-TEX series of products, with hard objects (such as nail tip) in its coating on a force plan, it will leave a black print on it, like a feeling of cutting. This phenomenon is generally GORE-TEX, but the price is that you have to damage their love clothing. Ha ha!
      We talk about the fabric is GORE-TEX, mainly refers to the layer of film inside the outer nylon fabric, also known as the coating, not the entire fabric. As for the outer layer of nylon cloth, with a grid and no grid, the general grid with a better tear resistance, because the plaid at the use of more intense filament. Ripstop is a good outer layer material.
      Jackets another key is the plastic pressure, which is sewn at the top to prevent the leakage of plastic strips, the real goods in the factory when subjected to a rigorous waterproof test, the plastic pressure at the general will not leak. However, we wear an assault coat, as mentioned above, are generally fake goods rejection, there is no rigorous testing procedures, there is the case of leakage, but generally not much, this is a craft problem. Good tape is breathable, but the airtight tape on the overall breathability is not great.
      Jackets lining also used breathable material, generally coolmax, mainly to enhance the sweat and warmth. Lightweight clothing using mesh fiber, not sticking. There are also no lining, which is the so-called three-layer plastic and two layers of semi-plastic such as plastic, plastic three-layer waterproof breathable membrane directly pressure on the layer of breathable material to protect the breathable film is not worn.
      There are some accessories, including zippers, bayonet, Velcro and so on. Ankle zipper generally use YKK zipper, with a fake YKK zipper Jacket is definitely a problem, do not buy. In the country will be able to buy YKK zipper, so accessories is not a very important issue.

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